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K2 Pontoon Skis

k2pontoonsK2 Pontoons—A ski that floats through powder and is nimble enough to let you ski trees that were previously off limits

Another K2 ski inspired by a pro rider, these skis were the brainchild of freeriding ski legend Shane McConkey, the K2 Pontoons were specifically designed to give you supreme flotation for sking in the deep stuff in the backcountry. The Pontoon is a new a different ski, however, using innovative technology that challenges much conventional thinking behind ski engineering with its massive dimensions, surf-inspired rocker and powder spefici side-cut that tapers towards the tail.

The large rocker, like many of the other design features in this ski, allow for maximum flotability in soft snow. Rocker enables the ski to float on top of softer snow without the tip diving since the ski naturally wants to elevate or plane with this design. There are varying degrees of rocker but in general the larger the distance off the snow, the more soft snow focused the ski becomes—and this ski has a huge rocker.

The K2 Pontoon, much might you guess by its name, is a super wide ski with a tip width of 160 mm and a 130 mm waist that was designed to be specifically a deep powder weapon. The width of the ski both at the tip and wait ensure your tips stay above the surface at all times.

However, while this ski was definitely designed with deep powder skiing in mid, it also delivers a sidecut where you need it most (underfoot) making it maneuverable enough on the hard pack to make it back to the lift and back up the mountain for another round. According to the K2 web site, this ski was designed for 95% soft snow conditions and 5% variable snow.

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The Quick & Dirty:
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Why they rock:

  • Tapered Tail- The shape of the Pontoon ski tapers down from tip to tail.
  • Powder Rocker Design- Designed specifically for powder, this Pontoon ski incorporates sidecut into the design where you need it most, right under foot, for maneuverability on firmer conditions or just to get back to the lifts for a second lap.
  • TRIAXIAL BRAIDING: This unique method produces skis that have a great deal of torsional rigidity and strength, while maintaining all the lively characteristics of a wood core ski.
  • TORSION BOX CONTROL: The Torsion Box Construction is the foundation for the widest range of skis designed by K2. The Pontoon Skis share the common traits of ease, forgiveness, responsiveness, and energy that can be found in all Torsion Box skis.
  • Single ski weight size 179cm: 2441g or 5.38 lbs
  • Ability Level Advanced – Expert
  • Core Material Fir/Aspen Wood
  • Dims: Tip 160
  • Dims: Waist 130
  • Dims: Tail 120
  • Tail Type Flat
  • Warranty One year

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 8 out of 10

While you certainly wouldn’t want this ski if you spend most of your time skiing in bounds or in places that don’t frequently get dumped on with a heavy dousing of fresh powder, these skis are the ultimate when it comes to a floater in the deep powder. If you spend most your time on skis storm cashing, hiking in the backcountry and cutting fresh tracks through the deep stuff, you’ll be hard pressed to find a ski that floats better through soft snow than the pontoons. With a huge rocker, awesomely wide designed and new technology, the K2 Pontoons are the ultimate when it comes to a powder ski.

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