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K2 Kung Fujas

kungfujaK2 Kung Fujas—Wide enough to float backcountry lines and nimble enough to shred the park

For those who were previously a fan of the K2 Silencers, you should fall even deeper in love with your skis if you get the new 2010 K2 Kung Fujas. Named after pro skier Pep Fuja, K2 aimed to design a ski that could charge every type of terrain. The Kung Fujas were what resulted. It’s a ski that is both wide enough to float through the deep stuff in the backcountry, while still being nimble and poppy enough to shred the park or bomb hard-pack groomers in bounds. Pep Fuja suggested K2 add a new 5/30 rocker to the tip and tail to enhance the ski’s performance in soft snow.

K2 also added a bi-directional taper for better switch carving. Pep challenged designers to make a ski that basically mirroed the diversity of his riding—he wanted a ski he could take anywhere and everywhere and master all kinds of different terrain and snow conditions.

The Kung Fujas feature a a 95 mm waist , which makes them wide enough to float effortlessly on top of the deep stuff. The flex pattern also makes it stable enough to charge lines off-piste or simply do laps in the park. Whether you are going ninja on some badass terrain and heli skiing or skiing with your little sister on the grommers, these skis really can (and were built to) do it all.
The Kung Fujas brings versatility to another level. The tip and tail is soft enough to take a run through the park and feel comfortable. With its full sandwich construction the Kung Fujas has a strong underfoot feel making it a fun ski on trail or in the bumps. Above all the 95mm waist allows you to ski powder and kill it in spring corn.

K2 had this to say about the Kung Fujas:

Pep challenged our designers to develop a new ski that mirrored the diversity in his riding. Not an easy task when you consider how talented he is at just about everything. The 95 mm waist gives it float in the powder and crud, the bidirectional sidecut enables the ski to perform better riding switch, and the flex pattern makes it stable enough for charging lines in AK or hiking laps through the park or pipe. It’s our most versatile ski for soft snow conditions.

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The Quick & Dirty:
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Why they Rock:

    • Tip and Tail Plates and rivets: Aesthetically pleasing, extremely functional, tip and tail reinforcements so your skis tips and tails are better prepared to take a beating.
    • Triaxial Braided: This unique method produces skis that have a great deal of torsional rigidity and strength, while maintaining all the lively characteristics of a wood core ski.
    • Biodirectional Taper: The Kung Fujas is the only ski in the K2 quiver that comes with this great “nearly” symmetrical sidecut. This taper allows you to have a better and more consistent switch ride that is more similar to the initiation and performance in the forward direction.
    • Transparent Sidewalls: For some added style the Kung Fujas have the unique clear sidewall look and the transparent material holds up and performs nearly on par with ABS, blending forgiveness and strength into a mixture near to the perfection of water and Jello and Vodka. Taper: Biodirectional, K2’s “nearly” symmetrical biodirectional taper Sidecut: 14mm
    • Single Ski Weight:169 (4.09lbs/1856.5g), 179 (4.42lbs/2003.5g), 189 (4.7lbs/2130.5g)

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

If you are advanced or expert skier who likes to do a little bit of everything—from hucking a backflip off a cliff to cutting fresh lines through deep pow to hanging out in the park—these are the skis for you. Designed specifically with the do-it all pro skier Pep Fuja in mind, these skis were built to be great all over the mountain for all sorts of different activities. Plus, not only will you find these skis are able to conquer all sorts of terrain and types of sking, but they also look pretty badass (great graphics).

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