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K2 Extreme Skis

k2extremeK2 Extremes—The new look and name for the K2 Public Enemies

Before I rode on my current pair of K2 MissDemeanors, I rode on a pair of K2 Public Enemies. My little brother (who was, is and will always be a better skier than me) also swore by the Public Enemies for years for their great all-mountain versatility. For those who are looking to update their skis this year and were disappointed not to see a new model of the Public Enemies, meet the K2 Extremes. This ski, while it sports a new retro look that departs from the grungy graphics of the Public Enemies, the Extremes are essentially the same ski.

Designed with K2 ‘s progressive ski technology, the K2 Extremes (like the Public Enemies) are a truly great all-mountain performer that’ll have you wishing you didn’t have to go back to work on Monday and could pack up your K2 Extremes and living a life of a ski bum instead.

The Extremes have the same torsional strength and durability as their predecessors, along with adding stealth black rivets in the tip and tail to give this ski even more strength when hitting the park. Extreme landings uin the park and extreme terrain riding are easy with this ski and the modern twin tip flair makes it super easy to land switch. If you are looking for a great in-bounds twin-tip that also does well in the fluffy stuff, than you can’t beat the the K2 Extremes.

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The Quick & Dirty:
Where you can get ‘em:
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Why they rock:

    • Black stealth rivets that are both aesthetically pleasing and extremely functional.
    • Tip and tail reinforcements so your ski’s tips and tails are better prepared to take a beating.
    • Triaxial Braided: This unique method produces skis that have a great deal of torsional rigidity and strength, while maintaining all the lively characteristics of a wood core ski.
    • Standard Taper: Moderately wider tip than tail maximizes directional performance and helps skis perform optimally in the forward direction.
    • Vertical Urethane/ABS Hybrid Sidewalls: A softer durometer than the traditional ABS lessens the impact of harsh landing and blows to the rider. ABS towards tips and tails provides Extreme damage resistance and urethane underfoot absorbs impacts. Sidecut: 14mm
    • Single Ski Weight:159 (3.71lbs/1684.5g), 164 (3.87lbs/1756.5g), 169 (4.09lbs/1853.5g), 174 (4.2lbs/1906.5g)
    • Ability Level Intermediate – Advanced
    • Core Material Fir
    • Dims: Tip 118
    • Dims: Waist 85
    • Dims: Tail 109
    • Tail Type Partial Twin Tip

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

I am partial to the K2 Public Enemies and their new reincarnation as the K2 Extremes. If you are looking for a great ski that performs well all over the mountain and in a huge variety of snow pack and terrain. It’s wide enough that it floats nicely through deep powder if you like to spend part of your day cutting fresh tracks through the trees, but is also a great ski for those who like to hit and circle the park. They are durable (my brother was able to ride his for nearly 2 80+ day seasons on these things), stable, are and are able to handle tough landings. These skis are absolutely the best in-bounds twin tip out on the market today.

Looking to Buy? Here’s where you can get ‘em:
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