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Jetboil Flash Cooking System

Jetboil Flash Cooking System – super compact, easy to use backpacking stove

Winner of the Backcountry Magazine 2010 Editor’s Choice Award, the Jetboil Flash is the perfect all-in-one cooking system plus it comes in fun colors like purple and yellow.  The Flash combines a cooking burner and cooking pot all in one unit and then everything you need for cooking can be stored inside the 1-liter cooking cup.

The cooking cup clips onto the burner, which is attached to a butane/propane fuel canister tripod ensuring extra stability.  The system lights fast and easy with the simple push of a button and can boil two cups of water in just two minutes.  An innovative temperature indicator changes colors to let you know when the cup is hot.  The cooking cup, complete with insulating neoprene cozy, is also a measuring cup so you can prepare your meals easier plus it doubles as a coffee cup with its drink-through lid.

Only real bummer thing about the Jetboil is that it uses disposable fuel canisters, which can be difficult to recycle in some areas.  Check with your city to see how you can recycle them.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can find on:
REI: $99.95
Amazon: $99.95 (includes French Press for cooking cup)

Why they rock:

  • The Jetboil Flash is perfect for making hot drinks and whipping up a quick meal
  • Same as the original Jetboil Personal Cooking system, the Flash integrates the personal cooking cup and stove for fast setup and compact storage
  • Stove burner and cooking cup twist together to create a single convenient system for cooking; disconnect the stove burner and cooking cup for storage Stove burner and 110g fuel canister (sold separately) stow inside the cup; lid snaps shut for storage
  • An innovative thermochromic temperature indicator is integrated into the 3 stripes on the colorful neoprene cozy to show you when the cup contents are hot
  • Flash features a translucent drink-though lid that lets you check on the contents of the cup so you’ll know precisely when your water begins to boil; lid is BPA free
  • Translucent measuring cup with easy-to-read lines unsnaps from the bottom of the cooking cup, giving you a convenient tool for preparing meals and hot drinks
  • Adjustable-flame burner is housed in a windscreen, reducing heat loss when a breeze picks up
  • SPiezo igniter reliably sparks the stove to life with a simple push of the button
  • Sewn-on tunnel pocket on the cozy holds your utensils or Jetboil hanging kit (sold separately)
  • Included stabilizer attaches to a fuel canister, widening the overall stove base to enhance stability
  • Total system weight is 15.25 oz.: stove weighs 6 oz. and cooking cup with lid weighs 9.25 oz.

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

If you’re backcountry cuisine consists of oatmeal, dehydrated meals, and instant coffee, the Jetboil is certainly the way to go.  I love how compact this unit is, how easy it is to use, and how fast it works.  But if you’d like to occasionally whip up some eggs and fry up some sausage the Jeboil isn’t going to be able to help you with that and you’re better off going with the MSR WhisperLite or the Primus Classic Trail Stove.

Looking to buy? Here’s where you can get one:
REI: $99.95
Amazon: $99.95 (includes French Press for cooking cup)