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iPod Mono-Strap Backpack

iPod Mono-Strap BackpackThinkGeek has got a cool mono-strap backpack with embedded iPod controls on the strap pad.

These buttons are made out of the same ElekTex® Smart Fabric featured in the iPod Suit, and allow you to play/pause, change the volume or cycle through the tracks. Another neat feature is the headphone jack also on the strap where you can plug in your uber-hip white earbuds, or whatever other headphones you might have. Inside the mono-strap there’s a cable that routes inside the bag, and plugs into the dock connector on your iPod.

Besides the cool gadget factor, the bag just looks hip all decked out in Duratex and Nylon fabric, with it’s mono-strap style. Almost like a bike messenger in Portland, but with a whole lot more pockets in the bag.