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Integral Designs Hot Socks Combat Cold Feet

Integral Designs Hot SocksWe’re not talking about the kind of cold feet you get when your woman starts talking about marriage (Ladies, here’s a perfect gag present for Christmas!) but the kind you get when coming back from a hike while staying in an Eco Friendly Yurt in Mongolia.

Contrary to what you might think, Integral Designs Hot Socks are not heated socks. They’re designed as booties to wear after you’ve come back to camp when your feet are wet (and/or cold) to let your body’s natural heat keep yourself warm.

These socks are made with 4oz Primaloft Sport insulation and Pertex P685 shell fabric for comfort and water repellancy. There is 1/2″ of loft is around the foot for extra warmth. The back panel of Powerstretch fleece makes the Hot Socks easy to slide on and keeps them snug around the feet and ankles. The bottom of the sock is made with 500 denier cordura, making it strong and durable enough for using inside huts and tents while still soft enough to use as a sleeping sock in your bag (or a bunk.)

With a weight of only 4.5oz and the ability to compact them easily, these socks are light enough to take on your next fall or winter backpacking trip.

Priced at $39.95, the Integral Designs Hot Socks are available thorough the BootsnAll Travel Gear Store.