Inflatable Kayak Can Travel With You

Inflatable kayaks are something that you don’t see too often. Most people tend to travel somewhere by car so they can bring their own kayak with them, or just rent one or use one provided by the adventure tour organizer.

But let’s say you’re not going on an organized tour to sea kayak in Belize, or you’re just so picky about your equipment (hey, we UNDERSTAND) that you want to bring your own boat with you.

So what are your choices – what kind of kayaks and rafts can you travel with?




Here’s a couple ideas from well known brands like Aire, Dagger, Innova, NRS

  • NRS Bandit I Inflatable Kayak: $745 currently. It weighs less than 17lbs so it travels well, and is only 9′ 7″ in length. Obviously, at that size, it’s a one-seater. NRS builds these with outfitters in mind, so they’re tough and rugged but still affordable. You can get one in orange or blue.
  • Aire Lynx Ii Inflatable Kayak: A bit more expensive at $1265, and heavier at 39lbs. But expect most 2 person kayaks to come in heavier and more expensive.
  • NRS Bandit II Inflatable Kayak: Having just said that 2 person kayaks are more expensive and heavier, I’m about to swallow my own words. This boat is one of the rare execptions. At $895, it’s priced well and only 24lbs in weight. It’s a 2 person and relatively compact at only 12′ 5″
  • Innova Safari Inflatable Kayak: One of the cheaper priced at $669.95, but not because of lower quality! This is a good choice for someone wanting a kayak that is at home in whitewater but also able to tour well.
  • Tributary Tomcat Solo Inflatable Kayak: Want something super budget friendly? This entry level kayak might just fit the bill at only $548.95. Don’t expect class leading features, and it’s quite heavy at 38lbs.

Here’s some inspiration for you: Far Flung Kayaking Expeditions (via GetOutdoors)

Want to learn something new today? The word “kayak” is a palindrome — a word spelled the same forward and backward. Okay, well not “learn” but remember something that you forgot the minute you learned it in school.