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IGLOO Kool Mate 40


IGLOO Kool Mate 40 – A min fridge for your car.

There’s no doubt that coolers a staple item of any road trip. Unfortunately, they have a few drawbacks. One being that they are large and bulky. This usually requires them being placed in the trunk or some other inaccessible location. Then there is the ice. It melts and get everything soggy, you have to stop and buy more, and its just annoying.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just take along one of those mini fridges, plug it into the cigarette light, and plop it in between the seats? Lucky for us, there is the IGLOO Kool Mate 40.

The multi-functionality of the IGLOO Kool Mate 40 is sure to make any road trip more enjoyable. One of the coolest things about the IGLOO Kool Mate 40 is that it is designed to work standing upright or on its side. When placed on its side, you can insert a shelf that allows items to be placed at different levels. Hmmm…sounds a lot like a min fridge!

The spec stuff on the IGLOO Kool Mate 40:

• Plugs into 12v cigarette lighter
• cool to 25 degrees below outside temperature
• warms to 68.5 degrees
• Ultratherm Polyurethane foam insulation
• 22.6 litre capacity

So what do you think about the IGLOO Kool Mate 40? Sound like a good buy for your next road trip?

If you are interested in picking one up, check them out here: