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Hotel Shampoo Bottles

Hotel Shampoo BottleSometimes the best travel gear you can get for free, like hotel shampoo bottles. Most of these bottles are the rinky-dink kind, that aren’t worth keeping but every now and again, you find one that rocks.

For example, take a look at this bottle from Sunriver Resort just outside of Bend, Oregon. It’s a small 1.5oz size, that makes it good for airline travel after the liquid ban, and it has a wide mouth that makes it easy to refill. The plastic is thick enough so it won’t squish and ooze all over everything in your carry on.

Most of the time, I don’t carry any shampoo when I travel, unless I know there will not be any place to either pick some up, or that it won’t be provided by a hotel, family member, or friend that I’m staying with. However, some people are particular about the kind of shampoo they use, and might want to carry their own around, or just not waste money buying a bottle for a few nights’ stay.

Yes, I am stealing this hotel shampoo bottle. But at least I’m leaving the monogrammed towels. Besides, won’t these just end up in a landfill if I don’t take them with me? I better grab the conditioner too…