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High Sierra Sentinel 65

high-sierra-pack.jpgHigh Sierra Sentinel 65 – Great for vagabonds.

Whether you are planning a weekend visit across country or a weeklong visit to the backcountry, the High Sierra Sentinel 65 can get your gear there comfortably. The High Sierra Sentinel 65 give you plenty of room for gear without adding a ton of weight to the pack its self. Empty, the pack weighs in just shy of 5 pounds; leaving you plenty of room to pack with.

The High Sierra Sentinel 65 is an ideal pack for the avid traveler. It has many of the features I look for in a backpack. I tend to use my packs more for traveling than backpacking, so I have different criteria than a backpacker might. I use my packs more for weekend getaways and round the world type travels.

Fast facts:

  • 65 liter top-load main compartment with gusseted drawstring closure under the lid.
  • Lashing hardware holds ice ax/hiking poles
  • Dual-side mesh water bottle pockets.
  • Size: 32.0″ x 14.25″ x 8.75″
  • Full-zip rain cover in bottom pocket allows pack to be checked at airport.

The two things I really look for in a backpack are a built in rainfly and the ability to meet carry on requirements for planes. The High Sierra Sentinel 65 has both of these features and is the main reason I use this pack constantly.
While the High Sierra Sentinel 65 is 65 liter pack when full, partially loaded it can meet carry on size requirements. If the pack isn’t fully loaded, you can use the cinch down straps to compress the High Sierra Sentinel 65 size so that its small enough to stow in an airplanes overhead compartment.

The other feature I like is the built in rainfly. This feature is nice a few reasons other than the obvious. In the event that you do have to check your bag, you can use the rain flay to help protect you pack and keep straps secure while in transit along the miles of airport conveyer belts. The rain fly also helps keep out thief’s while you’re riding in buses and other public transportation.