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High Sierra Pro Wheeled Double Combo Snowboard/Ski Bag

highsierradoublewheeledHigh Sierra Pro Wheeled Double Adjustable Snowboard Ski Bag Combo—A great ski bag and deal for those who like to ride both skis and boards

For those who are looking for a combination ski bag where you can shove both your skis and his snowboard (or vice versa) into one bag the High Sierra Pro Wheeled bag is probably the best option for you. Because the bag doubles as a combination ski/snowboard bag, I won’t matter if you are traveling with skiers or boarders or a mixture. You can easily shove all of your equipment into one, adjustable bag. The bag is large and durable, making it the perfect bag for a snow and winter adventurer.

The High Sierra Wheeled Double Adjustable Snowboard Ski Bag combo is spacious, measuring at 81 “ x 13” x 6.5” and weighs just about 8 lbs. It is made from a durable grid weave and is water resistant and designed withstand rugged transport and all of the elements. The bag also has a two-stage adjustment feature, which allows you to adjust the bag to fit your gear correctly. The bag adjusts in length (from 150 cm to 205 cm) through a zipper adjustment.

There is a fully padded main compartment, which has padded diver panels, capacity to accommodate two snowboards, two pairs of skis and a single snowboard. Straps inside the main compartment also allow you to hold-down you skis, boards and poles. There is also a zippered front accessory pocket, and long handles that can double as a shoulder strap. There is also one extra large padded handle wrap made of neoprene, ergonomically designed for good grip and to make the bag easy to carry. The tow strap (for when you are wheeling the bag on its wheels) is also extra padded.

The wheels on the bag are made from the same material as inline skates, so they roll extra well and are easily maneuverable. There are also rub rails, making sure your bag will withstand almost anything, even if you are rubbing the bag up against cement or other rough surfaces.

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The quick and dirty:
Where you can get one:
High Sierra Pro Wheeled Doube Adjustable Ski/Snowboard Bag

Why it Rocks

    • Two-stage adjustment system uses zippers to set the bag to a specific length from 150cm to 205cm.
    • Fully-padded main compartment with padded divider panels holds and protects two snowboards, or a snowboard Snowboard, ski and ski pole hold-down straps are clearly marked with tabs to help keep gear organized and prevent it from shifting inside the bag.
    • Zippered front accessory pocket holds small items.
    • Long webbing handles can be used as a shoulder strap.
    • Extra large neoprene-padded handle wrap for comfort.
    • Ergonomic SURE-GRIP molded tow handle with neoprene padding.
    • Rigid structure around the wheels and plastic-molded rub rails protect the bottom of bag from abrasion.
    • Inline skate-style wheels with corner protectors.
    • Size: 81.0″ x 13.0″ x 6.50″
    • Materials: Grid-Weave Duralite®, 840-Denier Duralite® with water-resistant coating

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

If you are like me and come from a household where some of you ski and some of you snowboard, this is definitely the best board/ski bag out there for you. Not only is the bag made of lightweight and durable materials, but it also has ample padding to protect your gear, has wheels which make hauling those skis and boards around a lot easier and is adjustable for any length of skis/boards. For those who head to the mountain with multiple pairs of riding equipment, this bag is perfect for you. Easy to wheel around, durable, padded (just in case those baggage handlers don’t treat your planks with quite as much care as you might), zippered accessory pockets and more make this bag a great buy. Sure it may cost more than that ski sleeve bag, but it’ll last longer, protect your gear better, be easier to carry around, and will even fit both skis and snowboards. This is a great bag worth the extra investment.

Looking to Buy? Here’s where you can get one:
High Sierra Pro Wheeled Doube Adjustable Ski/Snowboard Bag