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Hammock Bliss Sleep Sack Review

The Hammock Bliss Sleep Sack is back from a three week journey through India! There’s no better test for a travel product than putting it directly through the paces in a location where it’s really going to be needed, so courtesy of Hammock Bliss, we loaned it out to Colin, one of our BootsnAll travelers for a detailed on-the-road test.

Hammock Bliss Sleep Sack

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one:
Amazon: $31.44

Why it rocks:

  • Light Weight – only 11oz
  • Packs down very small to 5 x 7 inches
  • Nylon Parachute Silk matrial keeps from sweating
  • Priced Reasonably
  • Why it bites:

    • Umm, we’re not sure.

    Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9.5 out of 10

    Long Winded Version:
    I can’t rightly claim to have tested this myself, so I won’t pretend to write the review either. In the words of our distinguished friend, Colin from Corvallis, Oregon:

    As a backpacker traveling to India, the Hammock Bliss Sleep Sack was the perfect way to stay clean, cool, and comfortable during some of my long restless nights. When my girlfriend and I arrived in New Delhi last month, it was very warm – to the point where you didn’t want to sleep under a blanket. Of course, being budget travelers, we were staying a somewhat dingy hostel of which there are thousands for budget travelers in India.

    Having paid only $10 for the room, the beds were a bit old, used, and not very comfortable. They were not the types of beds that you personally would want to get under the meager blankets. Many beds in India have bed bugs and other creatures that bite you, land on you, and bother you during the night. Fortunately, we had the Hammock Bliss Sleep Sack that allowed at least one of us to sleep comfortably each night. We wish we would have had two! In fact, because the sleep sack worked so well, we created another one that we used at other hostels, but it wasn’t as comfortable, or as roomy, as the one by Hammock Bliss.

    The great thing about a sleep sack is that it’s very light, and can fit into a stuff sack or small part of your bag without taking up much, if any, room.

    I would highly recommend this brand to others travelers. Other sleep sacks work too, but this one is a step above the rest and seems more durable.

    Wanna buy one? You can get it from one of these places:
    Amazon: $31.44