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Hammock Bliss Portable Camping Hammock Preview

It’s one of those rare days here in Oregon that we actually aren’t being soaked with rain, and we’ve got our sights on some nice, indian-summer outdoor relaxation. As we’ve committed to not testing outdoor products in our backyards, we decided to hang the Hammock Bliss Portable Camping Hammock from a stop sign and a tree. Besides, there aren’t any trees in the backyard of our office.

We don’t feel guilty about it either, ’cause this is just a preview. The full review will come later on, after we’ve got a full outdoor test done. But the first thing we wanted to know, is how much weight can we put in this thing? Maybe you’re just a big ol’ boy, or you want to snuggle with the missus. Either way, the last thing you want is to come tumbling down. Yeah, the double size would be better for that, but sometimes you just have to be spontaneous and deal with what ya got on hand.

Enjoy the preview pictures, go check out the camping/jungle hammock at Hammock Bliss’ web site while we learn how to tie some knots and come back with a full product review.

Chris Heidrich, one of the founders of BootsnAll, on his after-lunch siesta.

Hammock Bliss with Chris

Chris and Donovan Pacholl (Adventure Travel Guru) giving the 340lb test.

Hammock Bliss Weight Test