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Hammock Bliss No-See-Um / Mosquito Net Cocoon

Mosquito NetHammock Bliss’ auxiliary mosquito net for the previously tested travel hammock could be a life-saver.

In my recent trip to Belize, I spent three lovely nights out in the wild, swinging in the breeze, and I actually got NO bug bites sleeping outdoors. Which is considerably less than I did inside the “hotel” rooms. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a location to tie the net’s center attachment point, but with a bit of clever tightening, I was able to make it function anyway.

It hardly looks like it from the photo, I know. I never was a Boy Scout, but I was able to tie the knots to hold my weight all night long, so anyone should be able to master this.
Hammock Bliss
If you’ve never slept in a hammock overnight before in a tropical setting, there’s just about one way to describe it – bliss. It’s well worth trying, but don’t forget the mosquito net, to save your hide from things like malaria.

The No-See-Um / Mosquito Net Cocoon costs just under $50 and weighs in at 17oz. Just like the travel hammock, it comes with it’s own attached storage bag making it easy to pack.