Hammacker Schlemmer Action Sports Camera

Hammacker Schlemmer Action Sports CameraI’ve long wished that I could just capture what my eyes were seeing and record it, and here’s a step in the right direction. You probably won’t see me wearing this around town anytime soon, but on the mountain is a different story.

Hammacker Schlemmer’s Action Sports Hands-Free Camera can be clipped to your helmet, ski pole, backpack, or just about anything else you want to clip it to. It’s water resistant and runs off AAA batteries, but a little bit heavy at 2 1/2 lbs.

This video camera captures at up to 30fps (Frames per second – 30 is about the norm for most videos) and can store up to 16 minutes of footage on it’s internal 32MB memory. Good thing they offer an SD expansion slot – 32MB isn’t good for anything! A cool feature while you’re out traveling about, is that you can play back from the camera to a TV with the included cable, and don’t have to even have a computer to show your movie on.




It’s reasonably priced at $129.95. Get it from Hammacker Schlemmer.

Via: Travel Gadgets