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Half Naked Girls Host Travel Show

travelistic-travel-videos-girlsA while back we brought you some news about Travelistic, the red headed step child of You Tube. In no way affiliated with the video streaming giant, Travelistic is full of great travel shows and videos from around the world. It has grown considerably since its opening in 2006 and has a large number of regular contributors. One of those regulars being, Get Out!

Get Out! is a “G” rated version of Playboys, “Girls Next Door”, meets “Great Hotels.”

How do you take a mundane travel show and make it into one of the most popular travel shows on Travelistic, make your hosts half naked, bikini wearing, hotties. Which is exactly what you’ll find in the Get Out! episodes.

The episodes are around five to ten minutes long and pretty well filmed. Don’t take my word for it though; I might have been too distracted by the girl in the pink bikini to really pay attention to video quality. You can follow these bombshells around the world. From bungee jumping in Costa Rica to sky diving in Miami, you can watch them do it all.

What do you think? Sexy or Sexist?