Guyot Designs Firefly Preview

Guyot Designs Firefly Water Bottle LanternWe’ve gotten our grubbies on Guyot Designs’ Firefly to test out, so last night we made the trek out to BootsnAll’s Outdoor Product Test Facility in White Salmon, Washington – we take product testing seriously. We’re posting this preview right now through our Satellite Connection and we’ve included a photo to prove it.

BootsnAll Outdoor Test Facility SatelliteWhat’s so special about this thing, eh? It looks just like a regular Nalgene water bottle. And therein lies the beauty! This nifty little device is actually the cap on the bottle. But not just any old cap – this one includes embedded LED lights that turn your ordinary wide-mouth bottle (doesn’t have to be Nalgene brand, any will work) into a lantern.




Stay tuned – we’ll have a full review published Monday. In the mean time, check out Guyot Designs for more information about the Firefly and their other creative products.