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GSI Outdoors Camping Kitchen Tools and Table Set

GSI camping kitchen + 12 piece table set + ultralight cutting board—a few chef’s tools that bring the kitchen to the wilderness

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Growing up in the Colorado Rockies, summers always meant we packed up our camping gear, stuck the llama in the back of the minivan (no, this was not normal. Even in Colorado and even for a backpacking family) and we’d hit the road in search of the most beautiful and remote patches of wilderness in the state.

Because my father deemed any camping that did not involve at least a 5 mile hike “fake camping,” my family rarely had the luxury of camping with many kitchen tools or accessories. However, for those who plan on camping with a few more comforts from home, GSI has some fantastic kitchen tools that will make cooking and serving in the woods a whole lot easier.

GSI Outdoors Kitchen 11
The GSI camping kitchen comes in a great zip-up cell foam waterproof case. Inside you will find:

  • Waterproof salt and pepper shake designed for outdoor use.
  • Mini non-stick spatula
  • Cooking spoon
  • Scrubbing sponge
  • 2 squeeze bottles
  • Stainless steal grater
  • Cutting board
  • Camp towel

While this entire kit may be a little on the heavy side to take if you plan on backpacking in, but some of the components could be easily removed (like the squeeze bottles, spatula, camping towel, sponge and salt and pepper shaker) and taken along as great ultra lightweight backpacking kitchen.

>> Buy GSI 11 piece kitchen set $ 19.57

GSI Outdoors 12 Piece Table Set

  • Lightweight polypropylene dinner set for 4 in yellow, red, green and blue.
  • Materials selected for durability and 100% recyclability
  • Mesh bag for easy portability
  • Easy to wash

>> GSI Outdoors 12-Piece Cascadian Set $18.70

Ultralight Cutting Board

  • Robust 2 mm thick, polyetheleyne cutting board
  • 15.75” X 9”

>>Buy GSI Outdoor Ultralight Cutting Board $3.50

GSI Outdoor Compact Scraper

scraperSoft rubber blade

  • Dual sided
  • 3.375” in length
  • Ideal for scraping pots, great backpacking essential

>> Compact Scraper by GSI Outdoors $3.95

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