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Gregory Z55 Pack

z55-pack.jpgGregory Z55 Pack – High performing lightweight backpack.

With the Gregory Z55 Pack you don’t have to worry about sacrificing performance for a lighter pack. The Gregory Z55 Pack is designed as a summer backpack. This summer pack design allows the Gregory Z55 Pack to be lighter than year round packs, but without loosing all the bells and whistles that come with them. This unique idea make the Gregory Z55 Pack perfect for multiday backpacking in the warmer months.

The idea behind the Gregory Z55 Pack is simple. Year round backpacks are large because hiking in the winter months requires more gear. In order to make these year round packs lighter, some manufactures cut out a lot of the special features or bells and whistles. Since hiking in the summer doesn’t require as much gear, Gregory simply made a smaller pack, but left all the fun stuff.

On the Gregory Z55 Pack you’ll find a large front pocket. Whats unique about this pocket is that it can expand, making it perfect for storing bulky items without any problem. On front of this expandable pocket, you will also find a pocket that features an additional weatherproof pocket for storing gear.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one:
: $198

Why they rock:

  • Jet Stream suspension system with AeroTech mesh on back panel helps move moisture away
  • Lightweight, perforated V-framesheet with a single hollow, aluminum-alloy stay provides support and torsional stiffness without a heavy feel
  • Flexible Auto-Fit harness matches your shoulder slope and angle; perforated foam covered with 3D mesh vents and wicks moisture away
  • Constructed from 210-denier HT (high tenacity) double-box ripstop nylon and nylon twill for tear strength and abrasion resistance
  • Mesh waistbelt pockets are ideal for stashing gels, lip balm, sunscreen or that mini-tool

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

Since many people only hike and camp during the warmer months, I think the Gregory Z55 Pack is a great idea. It gives you all the room you need, the accessories found on larger packs, and is still lightweight and comfortable. Sounds like a win win situation for the seasonal backpacker.

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Where you can get one:
: $198