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Gregory Alpinisto 50 Backpack

Gregory Alpinisto 50 Pack – Great load distribution.
I just recently was exposed to the Gregory Alpinisto 50 Backpack is was pretty impressed with what I learned about. I haven’t had a chance to try out this pack first hand, but if its features work as well as they are described to, the Gregory Alpinisto 50 Backpack should be a pretty cool pack. While the pack is designed as a climbing style backpack, it can also work out well for those who wish to get into lightweight hiking without sacrificing all of the comfort and features of a regular backpack. With options to remove hip belt padding and framesheets to reduce the pack weight up to one pound, you can slowly work your way into a lighter pack.

The one thing that seems really cool to me is how the suspension system is setup. It almost makes so much sense that I wonder why nobody thought of it sooner. The Gregory Alpinisto 50 Backpack uses a special stabilizing system called the “Wraptor Stabilizer.” This system is designed to pull the entire pack closer to the lumbar spine. The idea behind this is that by pulling the weight closer to the spine like this, you increase the area that the packs weight is disputed across. The end result of course is a more comfortable load that feels lighter. If this works like it should, I think this might be something we see more of in the future.

As I said above, the Gregory Alpinisto 50 Backpack also sports some features that you tend to find in climbing packs of this nature. One things that is pretty neat as far as these features go is the removable foam sheet that can double as simple sleeping pad. Of course, if you want to save weight, you can ditch this foam pad altogether. Anther neat feature is that if you really need to save some weight the Gregory Alpinisto 50 Backpack offers several areas of the pack that you can ditch on an as needed basis. This way when you need to save weight you can loose it, but when you can afford tox be more comfortable, you can easily add some extra creature comfort.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one: $229

Why they rock:

  • Wraptor Stabilizer system pulls the back panel in toward the lumbar spine, transferring weight over a wide area
  • Light, contoured harness uses dual-density foam padding for a plush, comfortable fit; self-adjusting shoulder straps adapt to a wide range of shoulder sizes
  • Hipbelt features gear loops and removable padding
  • Contoured top pocket offers clearance for wearing a climbing helmet
  • Reservoir pocket and drink tube exit port accommodate on-the-go hydration (reservoir sold separately)
  • Removable foam bivy pad provides a lightweight, minimalist sleeping surface
  • Removable HDPE framesheet and aluminum stay
  • Pack body is constructed from 640-denier and 210-denier high-tenacity ripstop nylon for performance and durability

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

I am by no means a climber, but that doesn’t mean I would over look the Gregory Alpinisto 50 Backpack. While it is a great pack for alpine type exploring, it seems like a great pack for even the average backpacker. The fact that you can reduce the packs weight or increase its comfort seems like a nice feature to have on any pack. I’m excited to see the Gregory Alpinisto 50 Backpack in person and see how it feels full of weight.

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