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Gregory Advent Pro

Gregory Advent Pro – A daypack with all the fix’ns

Is it just me, or do the array of daypacks floating around all have the same basic features? A couple pockets here, a bladder pocket there, some hand-dandy waist belt pockets, etc; they all have the same thing. But what about when you need some of the luxuries of overnight pack? Try on the Gregory Advent Pro, that’s what.

At 2,200 cu in, the Advent Pro is daypack through and through. However, with all the overnight, pack like features; the Advent could be mistaken as such.

The Gregory Advent Pro sports two access points, a drawstring opening on the top and a zipper on the side. The easy to use drawstring is great, because it cinches up the pack in one swift pull. Other great features about the Advent Pro are, the stretchy panel pouch, large hip pockets, and an awesome hip belt.

So lets recap, the Gregory Advent Pro rocks because:

  • Top loading drawstring access
  • Stretchy Panel Pouch
  • Wraptor hip belt
  • Big hip belt pouches
  • Light weight

Looking to get a Advent Pro daypack? Check out these retailers: $119.16

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