Greenscapes Mountain Sneaker

Greenscapes Mountain Sneaker – Timberlands Earth Friendly Shoes

Timberland has been getting a lot of press and praise about its new Green Index program. For those who don’t know about the Green Index system, hear what Timberland has to say;
“The road to a healthier and sustainable planet begins with each one of us, which is why we created the Green Index™ rating system. It measures the amount of impact on the environment to make the shoe and then gives a rating between 0 to 10 for that impact. The lower the rating, the better the environmental performance. The Greenscapes Mountain series is the first collection to feature the Green Index™ rating system.”





The Greenscapes Mountain Sneaker is all kinds of earth friendly. Check out these features:

  • Hemp – Added for comfort and grows super fast.
  • Leather – Not exactly organic, but organically tanned
  • Footbed – Has an environmentally friendly biocide that helps fight foot odor and fungus
  • Soles – Made from recycled rubber and leftover cuttings from other outsoles
  • Shoelaces – Made from 100% recycled plastic flakes

The Greenscapes Mountain Sneaker has a Green Index of 3.5. The lower the number, the more environment friendly the product and its manufacturing process are. So, needless to say, the Greenscape Mountain sneaker is a step forward for mother nature ( get it, step forward?!)

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