Gone Fishing!

Yeah, right… But I will be out for the next couple days, working from the BootsnAll Outdoor Test Facility where this year’s BootsnAll annual company meetings are held for the next week.

What’s that mean for you, my loyal readers? It’s going to be a bit of a light couple days. Since we’ve got a satellite out there, I should be able to post up some stuff, but it will probably be no more than around 2-3 items per day.




In the mean time, Bob, BootsnAll’s Uber-blogger of World Cup and The Offside fame, is trying to make time to keep you occupied, intrigued and entertained. It’s not a for sure thing, but I’ve begged and pleaded and he still owes me 999 favors so the chance is good. Please give Bob a warm welcome, and comment all sorts of crap (not you, ya spam commenters!) on his posts.

We’ve also got some exciting news – Travel Gear Blog is getting another writer! The focus will be on travel & business travel gadgets. What is a “travel gadget” – we don’t really know either but figure it encompasses anything from a bird-watching pda to wearable iPod remotes or iPod clothing. But our new writer Melissa is going to figure it out, and let ya’ll know. Being the gadget guy that I am – I am super excited! Expected start date for now is Monday, and we’ll keep you in the loop.