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Going In Style Adapter Plugs

Going In Style Adapter Plugs – High quality adapter plugs to keep your electronics safe

If you’re only going to one country or if you’re traveling and really want to know that your converter will work, check out Going In Style’s adapter plugs. Going In Style has an adapter for every country from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and they are a bit more heavy duty than those adapter kits with interchangeable plugs.

Available in both grounded and non-grounded types, Going In Style adapter plugs adapt your electronics to fit the different shaped outlets found around the world.

When purchasing a Going In Style travel plug, make sure you choose the right plug for your country of origination. Each adapter plug has a country to country specification. For example if you live in the US and want an adapter for Europe, make sure you get a US to Europe adapter instead of a Europe to US adapter. Also keep in mind that adapter plugs are different than converters. Adapter plugs won’t convert the electricity if the country you’re visiting uses a different voltage. Learn more about the difference between travel adapters and converters.

The Quick & Dirty

Where you can find one:
Going In Style Adapter Plugs are found at Amazon

Why they rock:

  • Adapter plugs change your electronics plug to fit into outlets around the world
  • Adapters are available for nearly every country in the world
  • Grounded adapter plugs maintain the ground from the electrical outlet to your appliance
  • Non-grounded adapter plugs allow electrical connections up to 240 volts

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

Since Going In Style adapter plugs are great if you’re only traveling to handful of countries. If you’re heading out for a round-the-world trip you might want to take a look at the Eagle Creek Dual Wattage Converter Set so you don’t have to carry around a specific adapter for every country you’re going to visit.

Looking to buy? Here’s where you can get one:
Going In Style Adapter Plugs are found at Amazon