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Global Bag Tag – Reunite With Your Lost Luggage

Global Bag TagsGlobal Bag Tag offers a service where you can purchase baggage tags and either the airlines or honest folks who find your luggage can track down you contact info and get in touch so you can be reunited with your luggage.

The tags themselves cost around $19 for 2 luggage tags and 2 self-adhesive badges and includes a year of membership. Each subsequent year of membership is about $5.

They’ve also got a few promotions going on, to make this service even cheaper:

  • Buy 3 luggage tag sets, get an additional set for free
  • Enter code “BBC1” at checkout to get 10% off your order

Global Bag Tag also prodvides an airline company login where lost baggage personnel can view the information about your itinerary and offers a corporate service too.