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Gift Ideas for the Techie Traveler

Looking for a gift for that technology-loving traveler on your gift list? Well look no further because this list gives you plenty of ideas for that tech loving family member or friend.

Compared to coming up with gifts for the backpacker or round-the-world traveler, I think finding gifts for the tech-savvy traveler is the easiest because there is always some new technological device out on the market that makes traveling easier and more efficient.

Here are 10 great gift ideas for the techie traveler:

1. Helmet Cameras

A compact, lightweight helmet camera can record all your biking, skiing, surfing, and zip lining adventures. These wearable camcorders can secure to your bike helmet, ski helmet, handlebars, or wherever else you can think to stick it and film all of your outdoor adventures. The Contour HD 1080P is the world’s first and smallest wearable camcorder to shoot 1080p high-definition video.

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2. Solar Chargers

There are all sorts of solar powered devices on the market now for outdoor adventurers who would like to keep their devices charged. The Power Traveler Powermonkey is a solar powered charger for mobile phones, iPods, and PDAs.  The Powermonkey charges your device anywhere you have sunlight plus it can also charge from a USB port or outlet. The Brunton Solaris is powerful enough to charge a GPS or laptop computer.

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3. Netbooks

If I could recommend just one item for a techie about to hit the road, it would be the Netbook. Netbooks are super portable, lightweight, energy-efficient laptops perfect for browsing the Internet, e-mailing, word processing, and uploading photos on the road. The most up-to-date netbooks, like the Toshiba Mini NB305 Netbook, weigh in at less than 3 pounds and boast over 8 hours of battery life.

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4. Waterproof Cameras

A waterproof camera is an amazing gift. I know because I would love one. The Olympus Stylus Tough series cameras are built seriously tough and designed to withstand abuse. These waterproof, freezeproof, and shockproof cameras are built for the action-packed lifestyle and take excellent photos to boot.

>>Buy Olympus Stylus Tough 6020
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5. iPod Speaker Cases

The iMainGo2 is a super compact speaker system that is compatible with the iPhone, all iPods, and most other MP3 players.  You simply zip open the case, plug in your iPod, secure it with a strap, zip it back up, and you’re ready to rock. The Eco Proof is a similar item but super rugged and waterproof so it would be a great gift for a boater or beachgoer.

>>Buy iMainGo2 iPod Speaker System
>>Buy Eco Proof Waterproof Speaker Case

6. 4-Port USB Chargers

A 4-port USB charger charges up to four of your mobile devices at the same time. Charge your smart phone, iPod, and PDA all at the same time with just one charger. This is great for when you are at a coffee shop and you want to charge all your devices, but don’t want to look like an outlet hog. Plus it keeps all your devices organized and in the same locale.

>>Buy Kensington 4-Port USB Charger for Mobile
>>Buy 4-Port USB Car Charger by XTG Technology

7. Travel Adapters and Converters

Travel adapters are necessary for anyone traveling over seas since plug shapes are not universal. Apple makes a great World Traveler Adapter Kit that has everything you need to charge your iPod, iPhone, and Mac computer anywhere in the world.

>>Buy Apple World Traveler Adapter Kit
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8. iPad Accessories

Does your techie traveler have an iPad? Well then there is a host of fun accessories you could get them. A compact charger and sync cable are perfect for minimalist travelers and a portable keyboard is a great when using the iPad for word processing and writing long, elaborate e-mails.

>>Buy Macally RESYNCCABLE Retractable Cable for iPhone and iPad
>>Buy Macally DUALUSB Charger for iPhone and iPad
>>Buy Apple iPad Keyboard Dock
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9. Portable External Hard Drives

You can’t backup your computer enough, especially when traveling. The Toshiba Canvio Plus is pocket-sized for easy transport yet can hold up to 750GB of your files, photos, music, and movies. The portable hard drive also has a shock sensor for added protection on the road. The Oyen Digital 500GB External Hard Drive is about the size of an iPod Touch and holds a heck of a lot of data too.

>>Buy Toshiba Canvio Plus External Hard Drive
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10. Protective Camera Cases

Electronics and adventure travel usually don’t mix well. I’ve lost more point and shoot cameras than I can count from water, sand, and even a drink powder mishap. Well know there are all sorts of cases out there that can protect your electronics from water, sand, dust, falls, and other catastrophes. LOKSAK bags are the only waterproof, sand-proof, and humidity-proof re-sealable bags on the market.  These bags are super light and ultra durable and were tested and approved by the US Navy. Pelican also makes some great cases that are crushproof and water resistant.

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[Photo courtesy of Marcopako]

What tech gadget would you like to see under the tree for you this year?