Gear Gifts: Columbia Jawa Medium Weight Quarter Sock

Columbia Jawa Medium Weight Quarter SockAs it gets closer to the shopping holiday season, I’m going to start posting gift ideas for those travel and/or outdoor enthusiasts on your list. If your list doesn’t have one, you better either make some new friends or buy gifts for yourself.

Here’s the first gift on the list – the sock. Either you’re someone’s auntie, your giftee really likes socks, or you’re just a cheapskate if you’re looking to buy someone a sock as a gift. No matter, because here at TGB we can relate to at least 66% of those, and would be happy to get socks for a present. Especially some like the Columbia Jawa Medium Weight Quarter Sock.

Columbia Sportswear makes down-right sick (that’s me trying to be younger than I am) gear, and since they’re also based in Portland where we live, so we really can relate to them. One of my longest owned, and most loved jackets is a nice gore-tex shell with a removable Columbia Titanium Fleece liner that’s almost indestructible. I’ve dug trenches deeper than d-day survivors in pouring rain and been hosed off with a pressure washer with this thing. The only part of me that was dry, was wrapped within the Columbia jacket. Point is, Columbia stuff is worth the cash you spend on it.




Back to earth and gift-giving. The Columbia Jawa Medium Weight Quarter Sock is designed for comfort and travel, and does so well. Acrylic cushions your step, with nylon and Columbia’s friction-free nylon treatment for flexibility. This friction-free stuff helps to reduce chances of blistering at hot spots (like around your heel) and they even got you covered like Dr. Scholls would, with odor and bacteria treatment included.

Summary: Great gift to give if you’re broke, cheap, or the giftee just loves socks.

Get some!

You can get a 2-pack on sale for only $3.95 at the BootsnAll Travel Gear Store. This is a 64% discount!