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Gear Deal: Superb Savings at Sierra Trading Post (Coupon too!)

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Usually, offers aren’t combinable and all that other small print. Here’s a deal that is an exception to the rule:

Sierra Trading Post are having 2 specials that are combinable. With their “every day” prices already being 35-75% off, these additional discounts will really ad up. This deal ends October 5, 2006.

Here’s how to do it. Normally our links don’t open in new windows, but this time it will just so you have these instructions handy during checkout.

First, Click this link to save 15% on orders of $125 or more.

Then, select “Google Checkout” as your payment option, and enter Coupon Code “wdgb8” and during checkout for an additional savings of $10 on orders of $30 or more.

For an order of $125, that’s a 23% discount on items that are ALREADY 35-75% discounted to begin with.