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Garmin nuvi 755T GPS Review

Garmin nuvi 755T GPS – A new generation of GPS units.
If you are anything like me (and tend to get lost in your own city and almost everywhere you go), having a GPS system to help guide you is a terrific tool. They can give you traffic alerts, detours, dining suggestions, and a whole lot more. The Garmin nuvi 755T GPS is a prime example of how much a car GPS unit can offer.

Plus, if all that wasn’t enough, the Garmin nuvi 755T GPS has a feature that even assists with lane changes and which lane you should be in (avoiding you cutting across 5 lanes of traffic to make the right exit).

As with many of the higher end GPS units, the Garmin nuvi 755T GPS not only gives you turn-by-turn directions, but also calls out street names to help aid in the direction process. The Garmin nuvi 755T GPS can also be set-up to come through your car stereo rather than the built in speakers of the GPS unit. Should you get off track, the Garmin nuvi 755T GPS can easily adjust to quickly get you back on track or find a new route altogether.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one: $344

Why they rock:

  • Integrated FM traffic receiver with lifetime alerts helps you steer clear of traffic headaches; receiver is integrated into DC cigarette lighter power adapter
  • Traffic information received through FM TMC receiver allows nuvi 755T to dynamically reroute to avoid delays
  • Lane assist feature guides you to the proper lane for easy navigation; 3D building view displays structures in 3 dimensions for a realistic representation of surroundings
  • Superbright 4.3 in. color display offers easy viewing in nearly all lighting conditions; wide backlit touchscreen is also easily viewed at night
  • nuvi 755T comes preloaded with City Navigator NT detailed maps of the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico with no downloading required
  • Integrated wireless FM transmitter broadcasts turn-by-turn voice directions over vehicle’s audio system
  • Includes turn-by-turn navigator, MP3 and audio-book player, currency and measurement converter, world clock and digital photo organizer
  • High-sensitivity receiver provides rapid first fix and is so sensitive it acquires signals in urban canyons and under dense foliage
  • Combined with detailed maps, nuvi 755T provides automatic routing, and its unique text-to-speech feature calls out turns by street name
  • Navigate to your own geotagged photos or downloaded Google Panoramio pictures
  • Automatically calculates the fastest route and provides voice-prompting turn-by-turn directions along the way
  • Automatically calculates the quickest way to get back on track if you stray off course; sorts multiple destinations to provide the most direct route
  • ”Where Am I?” emergency locator instantly gives exact lat./long., nearest address, intersection, hospital, police station and gas station
  • Configurable vehicle icons allow fun customization of map screen interface; select between overhead 2D or 3D perspectives on map screen
  • Expandable memory with the addition of an SD card; cards sold separately; internal memory for storage of supplemental maps, MP3s and more
  • Fast USB connectivity makes loading maps and other digital content quick and easy; interface cable included
  • Car locator marks position of vehicle when unit is removed from windshield mount

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 8 out of 10

If you are looking at picking up a new GPS unit for the car, the Garmin nuvi 755T GPS makes for a great choice. It is bright, has a much wider screen, is very thin, and has a lot of great features. The Garmin nuvi 755T GPS is easily up there with some of the best car GPS units on the market today.

Looking to Buy? Check out these sites: $344