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Garmin nuvi 260 Personal Travel Assistant

Garmin nuvi 260 Personal Travel Assistant – GPS Car Unit
I can remember when the first portable, personal GPS systems were first released and my father (an outdoorsman and gear head) was dying to get one–but at that point they didn’t work all of the time, and they cost an arm and a leg. Since then, personal GPS systems have come a long way.

GPS units for your car have also evolved at an especially fast rate. GPS units continue to offer more features, while the prices slowly drop. Big names and new models are still pricey, but they are within reach of the average driver. The Garmin nuvi 260 Personal Travel Assistant is a GPS unit loaded with features, that won’t leave you broke.

The Garmin nuvi 260 Personal Travel Assistant has done its part to conquer many of the downfalls of early GPS car units. The Garmin nuvi 260 Personal Travel Assistant has worked to make for better signals in urban areas and dense foliage, faster recalculation of directions, and sunlight readability.

One major problem with older GPS units was the ability to recalculate directions after you missed a turn. In suburban areas, older GPS units couldn’t recalculate fast enough and you often ended up missing more turns. The Garmin nuvi 260 Personal Travel Assistant can recalculate directions at lightning quick speeds. Sometimes it does this so fast that you may not even realize you missed a turn.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one:
Amazon: $261

Why it rocks:

  • Navigate to an address or search points of interest like hotels, restaurants, shopping and tourist attractions
  • nuvi automatically calculates the fastest route to your destination and quickly recalculates a new route should you stray off course
  • Garmin Lock™ anti-theft feature has both PIN code protection and a security location to unlock features when unit is within 164 ft. of location
  • Internal lithium-ion battery for out-of-car route planning; permanent internal flash memory indefinitely stores data without need for backup battery
  • Fast USB connectivity makes loading maps, media and points-of-interest quick and easy
  • Expandable memory with the addition of SD cards (sold separately) lets users open up the world to endless travel possibilities
  • Includes many travel-savvy tools: JPEG picture viewer, world travel clock with time zones, currency and measurement converters, calculator and more
  • Intuitive touchscreen controls make it easy to scroll through and select options
  • Sunlight-readable, highly reflective color display provides easy viewing in nearly all lighting conditions

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

For the price, the Garmin nuvi 260 Personal Travel Assistant is a great buy. It provides you with out of the box usability, offers exception satellite reception, has an intuitive interface, and is quick to respond. What more could you want in a GPS car unit?

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Amazon: $261