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Garmin Colorado 400t GPS

Garmin Colorado 400t GPS – Super advanced handheld GPS unit.
The Garmin Colorado 400t GPS is like the iPhone of GPS units. That remark not only comes from the Garmin Colorado 400t GPS units touch screen and sharp graphics, but from its price tag as well. The Garmin Colorado 400t GPS has built in geocaching features and is sure to get hardcore geocachers hearts pumping.

Regular users of GPS units will appreciate that Garmin Colorado 400t GPS units readability even in direct sunlight. The screen offers super bright colors and crisp imagery. With so much detail in the maps, you will want to be able to see it all. The Garmin Colorado 400t GPS comes loaded with a cool 3D “walking the Trail” mapping which offers stunning maps and shaded relief areas.

The Garmin Colorado 400t GPS is also compatible with a number of other Garmin devices that are sold separately. These include the Garmin heart rate monitor and GSC 10 Speed and Cadence Sensor for biking. Convince your buddy to buy a Garmin Colorado 400t GPS and you can easily share information and waypoints wirelessly.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one:
Amazon: $480

Why they rock:

  • Comes with an SD card slot for additional data; accepts all Garmin MapSource data cards and software
  • Features built-in electronic compass, altimeter and barometer
  • Supports GPX files for complete cache description and hints
  • Groundspeak’s Wherigo Player application comes pre-installed and includes an instructional tutorial; learn more at
  • Enjoy effortless sharing of waypoints, tracks, routes and geocache locations between Colorado series units with unique wireless transfer function
  • High-sensitivity receiver provides rapid first fix and is sensitive enough to acquire signals in urban canyons and under dense foliage
  • Innovative Rock-n-Roller input device provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Offers configurable profiles for end use: auto, marine, recreation, fitness and geocaching
  • Operates on two AA batteries
  • Waterproof construction keeps unit functioning; meets IEC 60529 lPX7 standards (submerge 1m for 30 min.)

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 10 out of 10

If I had the money to spend on a Garmin Colorado 400t GPS, I would be all about it. To truly appreciate the Garmin Colorado 400t GPS though, you have to go to a store and see it in person. Pictures of the Garmin Colorado 400t GPS screen, maps, and interface don’t do it justice.

Looking to buy? Check out these sites:
Amazon: $480