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Free International Call – From Any Phone

Here’s how to get a Free International Call from any phone you get free long distance with, while calling from in the US. Like your cell phone, or Vonage, Skype, Etc.

Okay, so it’s almost free from almost any phone. But stick with me – everything has some price, whether it is monetary, convenience loss, etc. This one gives you a bit of both, but still a great cost savings.

Let’s run through a scenario. You have 3000+ minutes to use up with T-Mobile every month, or unlimited free minutes from Cricket. You get free long distance to any number in the US, so when you call, all you’re using up is minutes and not dollars – although, arguably minutes are dollars. Well, it’s worth a try anyway.

Here’s how to get yourself a Free International Call:

  • Check Future Phone Services’ web site for a list of countries calls are available to.
  • Dial one of these numbers: 712.945.1111 or 712.858.8883 – I recommend the first one, since the 2nd one always said “this number is full” when I tried it. There’s also an automatically updated list on the web site. (Haven’t these people heard of call hunting?)
  • You will be placed in a queue, waiting for an open international line to become available, or immediately allowed to dial out, depending on the system load. It took me about 15-30 seconds to get a line available.
  • Follow the instructions, and dial your international number, including the “011” to call out of the USA

It’s pretty simple, really. Call quality was about what you get on normal overseas calls, especially similar to those to some companies’ outsourced tech support.

This free international call is provided by Future Phone Services, based out of Cali. Rumor has it the company plans to offer this free service until 2010.

Not quite what you’re looking for? Here’s some other options:
Skype works like a charm for me, and it’s super cheap.
For domestic calls, you can get free long distance using Google’s Free 411.