France Bans Indoor Smoking

No SmokingGoing to France? Now there’s even one less reason to try and smuggle that lighter in your carry-on. After September 1, 2007 that is, so go smoke yourself out now.

The vote for the ban wasn’t unanimous but some “Socialists” abstained from voting. Previous suggestions that were ruled against included “smoking rooms” that would be sealed and offer special venting to remove the smoke to the atmosphere.

According to the French government, smoking-related illnesses kill over 41,000 per year.




Personally, I think a complete ban on smoking in public places is great! If someone chooses to smoke, that is fine but forcing others in your environment to endure it should not be accepted, including at entrance doorways. Allowing for special places like smoking-only establishments, cigar lounges should also be allowed though.

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Thanks to Parisist for keeping us informed.