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Folding Kayak – Now Transparent

Napali Clear Folding Kayak

Some places you just don’t even want to look into the water, and other places that’s the sole reason you want to be on the water. If you’re the type that would swim to that island off there in the horizon so you can see EVERYTHING in the water, then you might have a better option with ClearBlueHawaii’s Napali Kayak.

Just as we’re writing about ho-hum inflatable kayaks, this bad boy comes in and blows them out of the water. And at a featherweight 26lbs to boot – being one of the lightest folding kayaks out there.

Not to mention, you can see through it, so you won’t be paying for the glass-bottom boat tour no mo’. Just spend 15 minutes (okay, maybe a bit longer) putting your floating erector set together and go for it. This seriously makes me want to go back to the Caribbean in a bad way, and not cramped up in one of those big caribbean cruise ships.

I’ve never seen such a thing as a clear kayak, although a buddy of mine does have a folding one. His was a ripe $2600 for which I’ll still piddle away at and rent them on location. If that doesn’t shock you, try the 5 LARGE you’ll drop on the Napali. Maybe it’s time to reconsider the glass bottom boat tour?

Via: Eco Travel Logue – Thanks Mary!