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Fleece Jacket for Tech Heads

Scottevest Tech Fleece

Talk about the perfect way to carry around all your gadgets and not look like a complete dork! Even if you don’t have this many electronics to carry, the SeV Fleece works well for travelers with all it’s many pockets, and for winter sports junkies as a liner.

The sleeves are removable so you can wear it as a vest and sports Coolmax® mesh interior for those warmer days. It also has the ability to zip into other SeV jackets.

Features include:
• 12 hidden pockets
• Improved PAN allows you to channel your wires through the lining of the jacket in order to wire and connect your various devices.
• Dual Access Zippers
• ZIP-PIP (pocket-in-pocket) technology. Zippers cleverly turn one pocket into two. Prevents your gadgets from knocking into one another, and allows you to carry a beverage container.
• Earbud Pockets
• Bottle Holders
• Removable sleeves
• Pen/Stylus Pockets
• Key Holder
• Designed to hold Camelbak®
• Magnetic closures

You can pick one up from Brookstone for $140.00