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Fischer Alpine Single Ski Bag

fischeralpinesingleskibagFischer Alpine Single Ski Bag—a durable, unpadded no-frills ski bag

As someone who finds myself frequently schlepping my skis from my current home in Oregon back to my native Colorado, it is essential that I find a good ski bag that will not only protect my precious skis, but will also be easy to carry around. While some ski bags offer tons of features and extra bells and whistles, for those looking for something basic, the Fischer Alpine ski bag is probably a safe bet.

The Fischer Alpine single ski bag is durable and unpadded. It is designed to hold one pair of skis up to 175 cm in length. The bag also features a full-length zipper that make getting those skis in and out of the bag a lot easier. The bag also has a water resistant bottom (for when you, gasp, take your skis out into the snow) as well as two compression straps that’ll get rid of the extra bulk in the bag.

While the lack of padding in this bag doesn’t make it an ideal ski bag for air travel, this Fischer Alpine ski bag is a good, simple and economical way to protect your skis when traveling in the car or storing your skis at home.
If you do decide to take to the skies with this bag, you’ll probably want to pack extra clothing and gear in the bag with the skis to serve as padding and keep your skis safe (who knows what those baggage handlers do with luggage once it slips out of view on that conveyor belt).

The Fischer Alpine single ski bag also features neoprene comfort straps (meaning even a gal like me could carry my skis across the airport with little problem). The extra room in the bag for you other gear also makes it easy to get all your most important ski stuff bundled up in one bag.

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The Quick & Dirty:
Where you can get one:
Buy the Fischer Alpine Single Ski Bag – $69.99

Why it Rocks:

    • Holds 1 pair of skis and poles
    • Water-Resistant tarpaulin bottom
    • Turned double zipper
    • 2 Compression straps
    • Length: 175 cm
    • Construction: Polyester and tarpaulin

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 8 out of 10

If you are looking for a basic, durable ski bag, this Fischer model has all of the important features. The nice neoprene comfort straps making it easy to carry even your heaviest skis and equipment. Also, while this bag may not feature a ton of extra padding, it is big enough that you can fit enough extra gear in with your skis to make sure they stay protected if you do decide to fly with this bag. Just shove you jacket and snow pants in there and you not only have a bag that will fit all your stuff, but also sufficient padding to protect those precious sticks. The waterproof bottom and double, full-length zipper are also nice features that make this bag both durable and easy to use.

Looking to buy? Here’s where you can get one:
Buy the Fischer Alpine Single Ski Bag – $69.99