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Fancy Tupperware(ish) Bowl for Salad on the go

One thing I always struggle with how is to eat healthy. This compounds itself when I’m traveling, whether it’s a day-hike, going camping or a road trip. I usually end up taking cheaper foods, and things that aren’t terribly healthy but pack well. Here’s a simple, practical solution that Popgadget pointed me to that will enable one to pack a salad and keep it fresh instead of all mushy from the ingredients mixing during storage.

The Salad Shaker is basically a fancy to-go bowl that has a storage compartment on top where you can put silverware, (or a granola bar) room for a small ice pack inside, and a dressing cup to keep the dressing separate so your salad isn’t marinated by the time you get to eat it.

Salad Shaker

Sure, it’s a bit geeky to carry around. It reminds me of something you’d see on QVC or the Home Shopping Network where if you buy now, you get two for the price of one. But wait, there’s more… you get the “shaker cup,” an adult-sippie-cup for free! Oh well, just stick it in your bag and don’t let your co-workers see it if you’re concerned about your image and you can revel in the fact that you’re staying fit (albeit dorky) when everyone around you is heading to Mc D’s.