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Family Camping Tents

31nia2vongl_sl500_aa280_.jpgGoing camping with the entire family can be a great bonding experience. But, having the wrong tent for family camping can create a bad case of cabin fever fast. The end result is an unpleasant experience for the whole family, but especially for the parents. Now the question becomes, what sort of qualities and features make for a good family camping tent? Below I will share with you a few features that you should look for when buying a family camping tent.

One feature that I think is a must have in family camping tents is to have multiple doors. Having more than one door makes it easier for everyone to get in and out of then without having to crawl over one another, track in dirt all over the place, and makes for a quick exit when nature calls in the middle of the night. A good backpacking family tent should have a minimum of two doors. If you do mostly car camping and have the ability to bring a larger tent, you can find one with three or four doors.

Some other features that are nice in family camping tents include plenty of internal organization option and inner tent walls. Organization tools such as pocket, clips, and canopies can do wonders for keeping in the inside of your tent somewhat clean and under control. Having multiple vestibules is also nice because you can keep the inside of the tent a little more clutter free as well.

Here are some of our reviews of family camping tents:

Do yourself a favor and really look at the features that a particular tent has when looking for your family camping tent. Think about what features your family needs, where you will camping at a lot, and how much gear you will have to store inside your tent. Doing some research on family camping tents will go a long way in ensuring that everyone enjoys themselves of your next family camping trip.