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Exped Wallcreeper UL

Exped Wallcreeper UL – Most universal Sleeping bag, thingy.

It’s a vest, it’s a sleeping bag; it’s Exped Wallcreeper PL! This crazy looking sleeping bag got voted most versatile by Backpacker Magazine. Just by looking at the pictures, it’s easy to see why. The Wallcreeper can be worn as a vest, used as a sleeping bag, and a blanket.

Altrec: $168.95


How does it work you ask? There is a neck to ankle zipper and drawstring cinch around the ankles. You can use the drawstring to close of the bottom of the bag at night or to cinch the bag around your waist for walking around camp. There are also zippers on each shoulder that can be used as arm holes. The hood on the Wallcreeper wears more like that of a jacket than a mummy bag. If all that won’t keep you warm enough around camp, there are hand pockets as well.

While the Wallcreeper PL is versatile, it’s a little on the drafty side. This is do to the draft that comes from the drawstring closer on the bottom. So, if you can sacrifice a little warmth for versatility, then the Wallcreeper is for you.

Want to buy a Wallcreeper PL? Check it out here:

Altrec: $168.95

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