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Evolv Elektra Women’s Climbing Shoe

The Evolv Elektra Climbing Shoe – great beginner climbing shoe for women

The Elektra is Evolv’s best selling women’s shoe.  The Elektra VTR is comfortable right out of the box giving you the grip performance and comfort you need to send without that miserable break in period.  Ideal for gym climbing, bouldering, and light sport climbing, the Elektra has a soft midsole that allows for excellent smearing and an asymmetric toe with high-friction rubber so you can cling to the wall.

Evolv designed the Elektra specifically for a woman’s foot.  The lower volume and narrower tow box, arch, and heel conform to a woman’s foot shape.

Since Evolv shoes are made from synthetic materials, they don’t stretch out like leather climbing shoes.  Make sure to choose the snuggest yet most comfortable size assuming that they really won’t stretch out much.

The quick & dirty:
Where you can find on:
Backcountry: $88.95
Rock Creek: $88.95

Why they rock:

  • Very comfortable design and soft midsole
  • Quilted nylon lining has a bedroom slipper feel
  • Great for gym climbing, light sport, and bouldering
  • Medium perforated upper for added breathability
  • Flexible Synthratek synthetic suede uppers resist stretching
  • High-performance high-friction rubber soles grip rock

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

I have been wearing the Evolv Elektra for years in the climbing gym.  They are great for beginner climbers and are super comfortable compared to more aggressive shoes.  They really don’t stretch out at all, which is great since you know the size you try on is going to be the same fit you will have months down the road.

A bit of warning about Evolve shoes though… they stink!  Since they are made from 100% synthetics, they are not as breathable as shoes made from natural materials. But that is what you get for the most vegan-friendly climbing shoes on the market.

Looking to buy? Here’s where you can get one:
Backcountry: $88.95
Rock Creek: $88.95