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Eureka E!nergy Tent

N!ergy Tent – Not exactly roughing it.

It seems that everyday the term “roughing it”, gets a little less rough. I can understand logical advances in technology to make life outdoors easier. Take the Therm-a-Rest pad for example, it makes roughing it a little easier, but it’s nothing over the top. The Eureka E!nergy Tent, however, is a bit over the top.


If used in combination with the E! Power system, the E!nergy Tent has several 12-volt outlets (what!?). In addition to the outlets, the tent sports an array of blue LED lights, why, I’m not really sure. I have mixed emotions about the E!nergy Tent, so check out these bloggers thoughts as well; TravelGadgets and OhGizmo.

What do you think? I think I’ll stay with the Eureka Spitfire