ECO Thermo 6 Sleeping Pad

ECO Thermo 6 Sleeping Pad – A new kind of morning wood. $144.95

At first glance, the Pacific Outdoor ECO Thermo 6 Sleeping Pad may not look like anything revolutionary. But with a little research you’ll find out how Pacific Outdoor is changing the world, one ECO Thermo 6 at a time.





The first of many impressive things about the ECO Thermo 6 is that both the fabric and the insulation are made from bamboo. Bamboo, the worlds fast growing woody plant, is put through a “carbonization” process to break down the plants cellulose. The insulation of the ECO Thermo 6 is a raw form of the fiber, while the cover is a woven form. If you thought it couldn’t get any more organic than that, the ECO Thermo is dye free, has a a recycled aluminum valve, and a hemp stuff sack cord.

Enough with all the hippy, tree loving, facts; what about comfort? The tapered pads and 2.5 inch pad make sleeping on rocky, rooty, ground a dream. The ECO Thermo cover is slip-resistant, which is always a plus. The bamboo insulation works wonders, even in the snow.

Warm it may be, but cheap it is not. The only drawback to the ECO Thermo 6 is it’s price tag. At around $150 it just goes to show you that saving the world doesn’t come cheap.

Interested in saving the world via a ECO Thermo 6 Sleeping Pad? Check them out here: $144.95