Eco Friendly Shoes From Patagonia

Patagonia have signed a deal with Wolverine to produce environmentally conscious shoes. Wolverine sounds like a no-name, but they’re the company behind Hush Puppies (your grandpa’s shoes) Sebago and Merrell. Their joint plan kicks off with a plan to release 31 different styles of shoes for the spring 2007 season.

Keeping in tradition with enviro-friendly, 1% of the sales of this new shoe line will “go toward Patagonia’s initiative to support grassroots environmental organizations.”

Although not the first time Patagonia have tried the shoe biz, this is the first time that Patagonia have licensed manufacturing of their brand apparel to another company, according to Patagonia spokesperson Jen Rapp.




Patagonia’s new shoes will feature organic cotton, latex made from milk of Hevea trees, hemp, recycled rubber soles and even the laces will be made from vegetable-based products.

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