Eco-friendly Kayaks? No Match for Jet Propelled Ones!

Jet Kayak

Grist, a well known name in the eco-travel world pretty much agrees that kayak manufacturing processes aren’t terribly eco friendly. Sure, you get to use human-power to plod yourself along, but where’s the fun in that?

When you want some true adventure travel, and have paid up your carbon offsetting then you gotta get one of these. And by one of “these” I mean either the Tomcat or the Jet Powered Kayak in this video clip. You pick – a go-kart for the water, or a go-anywhere-and-do-it-fast rally truck. Yes please.




I love the part about the kayak not floating – that’s a nice little twist. Coming from Rally racing, I get a big-time adrenaline rush watching this. I don’t know if I belive the Tomcat (Bowler makes a similar one called the Wildcat) being faster than a Subaru WRX cause that’s what I used to race and the WRX was rather quick, but it sounds the part anyway.

Via: TravelGadgets