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Earthcomber GPS for your cell phone

Earthcomber – Cheaper than a GPS and just as good.

Don’t think anyone is going to “giva giva you a Garmin” for you birthday or Christmas next year? No worries. With the services you will have GPS functionality at your fingertips for free.

The service is a web-based GPS program that works as a stand alone website, but really shines when used with your cell phone. Smart phones, especially the iPhone really make the are the perfect devices to use with

The service does more than just give you directions to a destination. The initial service screen on your phone will take you to a list of popular movies, events, restaurants, shopping, nightlife, and much more.

I know, there are probably already 100 apps out there that also does this, but, for example, The Earthcomber movies link will take you to a list of all the movies playing in your area and tell you how far away the theater is. Once you click on the movie you want to see it will show you all the theaters playing that movie. You can then pick a theater and it will list of the times of the movie.

You can use the service free of charge, but if you sign up for an account (free also) you can customize the service for your specific needs and wants. All and all the service is a pretty sweet deal and a great site for those with smart phones–and it sure does work a lot better than the standard map quest feature on most iPhones.