Earth Friendly Products: Patagonia Eco Torrentshell Parka

Patagonia Eco Torrentshell ParkaEarth friendly products are something we should all keep in mind – this little ball we call home is only going to last so long, if we keep turning a blind (or ignorant) eye.

The good news is that Patagonia’s Eco Torrentshell Parka keeps you feeling “warm and fuzzy” as Mary over at Eco Travel Logue has put it. No doubt – you get to feel warm, and feel fuzzy about being environmentally conscious of your purchase.

Patagonia has long had a reputation in trying to focus on earth friendly products, and they’ve even got some eco friendly shoes coming up too. And I know that if it’s been given the Eco Travel approval by Mary, it’s more than just a product name or marketing hype.




Sure, you see hemp jackets and other earth friendly stuff, but many of them are not suited for keeping you dry and warm for very long. Patagonia’s approach is simple: It’s made from recycled polyester. Then they seam-seal it, and treat it with water repellent.

I’ve always thought that the best approach to environmentally friendly (eco friendly / earth friendly / whatever you call it) products is to reuse what’s already been produced. This way, it keeps old items out of landfills, and reduces our production of new items.

You can buy the Patagonia Eco Torrentshell Parka from the BootsnAll Travel Gear Store for $185.00. A very reasonable price for a great jacket produced by good people.

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