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Eagle Creek ORV Trunk

Eagle Creek ORV Trunk – An over sized, rolling duffel bag.
Are you one of those travelers who doesn’t know what to leave and what to take when it comes to packing? Well, if you are tired of having to sit on top of your bag to get it closed, then you might want to look into an over sized duffel bag such as the Eagle Creek ORV Trunk. With the Eagle Creek ORV Trunk you will have more than enough room to pack or you essentials and non-essentials.

Even better than the sheer volume and size of the Eagle Creek ORV Trunk is its ability to help you organize your massive amount of stuff. The Eagle Creek ORV Trunk features a number of built in organizers and tools to keep your stuff separated. The main compartment has padded dividers that can be moved around to fit your needs. There is also a built in boot box to keep your dirty shoes separate from the rest of your clothes.

So, I know what you are thinking, all this room and organization is great, but how am I going to carry a bag that big to the airport? The Eagle Creek ORV Trunk sports some hardcore wheels and a sturdy telescoping pole. The large wheels have grip that lets theme easily climb stairs, curbs, and other airport obstacles. The telescoping pole is tough and sports a super comfy grip.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one:
Amazon: $225

Why they rock:

  • Oversized front panel opening allows easy packing and unpacking; main compartment provides ample space for clothing and equipment
  • Customize the interior and keep your luggage organized with collapsible padded dividers
  • Built-in Bi-Tech Boot Box separates dirty shoes and gear from clean clothes
  • Exterior top and bottom cargo pockets stow important documents and small travel essentials within easy reach
  • Touch Point handle system extends smoothly and offers a comfortable grip
  • ES2 wheels roll smoothly through airport terminals and over bumps, curbs and rough roads
  • Compression straps stabilize and secure the load, preventing shifting during travel
  • End, side and center handles offer versatile hauling options while loading and unloading the plane, train, boat or car
  • Side ID slot lets you clearly label and identify your luggage
  • Lockable zippers help keep your belongings secure; locks sold separately
  • Constructed of heavy-duty Helix nylon with ripstop and ballistic reinforcement

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 10 out of 10

You pretty much cant go wrong with anything made by Eagle Creek. Their stuff is top notch and made better than must other travel luggage on the market. Eagle Creek gear is worth the extra cost, the Eagle Creek ORV Trunk is no exception. Buy the Eagle Creek ORV Trunk and you wont need another piece of large luggage for years to come.

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Amazon: $225