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Eagle Creek Hovercraft Wheeled Luggage

Eagle Creek Hovercraft Wheeled Luggage – Classic design with modern day touches.
If there is one thing I have never understood it was high prices for luggage. Sure, I get that its an investment. But even some of the more expensive luggage items are made extremely poorly and can’t handle the rigors of serious travel. That said, I have always found Eagle Creek gear, despite its luggage size price tag, to be well worth the money spent. This luggage is a true invest and will stand up to miles and miles of travel.

Over the years Eagle Creek has come up with some really innovative luggage designs. They have crafted some of the best and most unique travel packs on the market and a wide variety of other traveler specific packs. While the Eagle Creek Hovercraft Wheeled Luggage isn’t innovative in its design, that’s not to say its just a cheap copy cat of a popular design. If anything, the Eagle Creek Hovercraft Wheeled Luggage has raised the standard for basic rolling luggage.

The Eagle Creek Hovercraft Wheeled Luggage comes complete with a total of zero bells and whistles. On the Eagle Creek Hovercraft Wheeled Luggage you will find nothing more than all the essentials tied together with high quality materials and craftsmanship. You will find all the features yo would expect to see on a rolling luggage bag, but no fancy do-dads that serve no real purpose.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one: $210

Why they rock:

  • Main compartment with compression straps keeps your clothes neat and organized; book-style opening allows simple access to the inside
  • Expanding the main compartment adds 475 cubic inches of space—great for those souvenirs you just can’t live without!
  • Two exterior pockets hold magazines, passport, cell phone and other travel necessities
  • Telescoping handle with ergonomic grip creates comfortable carrying; wheels with protective housing hold up to urban use
  • Top and side handles make on-the-go carrying nice and easy
  • ID tag avoids confusion at the baggage claim; tag slips away to conceal your identification
  • Reflective center stripe increases your visibility at night
  • Heavy-duty nylon construction resists wear and tear

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

If you are looking for a basic piece of luggage that you can justify spending a nice chunk of change on, the Eagle Creek Hovercraft Wheeled Luggage is that piece of luggage. Eagle Creek prides them selves on making luggage that can stand the test of time for serious adventurers and travelers. So I think the Eagle Creek Hovercraft Wheeled Luggage can handle a few overnighters and business trips no problem.

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