Eagle Creek Guide Bag

Eagle Creek Guide Bag – Perfect Travel Wallet

The Eagle Creek Guide Bag is a slimmed down version of the old field bag. With the Eagle Creek Guide Bag, you now have a easy way to keep all your travel essentials close by. Forget about having to look like lost tourist wearing one of those travel necklace organizer things. The Guide bag has a trendy look and can be worn as a shoulder bag.

I use the Eagle Creek Guide Bag on every trip I take. When walking around airports or bus stations, I can wear the bag over my shoulder so that I have quick access to my passport, tickets etc. When I’m walking around a new country and don’t feel like flaunting my goods, I can easily wear the Eagle Creek Guide Bag under my shirt for added security.

The Eagle Creek Guide Bag is organized with all sorts of pockets. There is a large main pocket for your larger items like passports and papers. There is also a zippered back pocket, under flap organizer, front flap pocket, and more.




So, if you need some way to keep your travel necessities safe, and close by without wearing the word tourist around your neck, look into Eagle Creeks Guide Bag.

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Do you use a Guide Bag? How do you like it? If not, what do you use to keep your necessities close by?