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Eagle Creek Cross Roads 25

Eagle Creek Cross Roads 25 – Expandable rolling backpack.

REI: $230.00


The Eagle Creek Cross Roads 25 may look like a generic piece of rolling luggage, but it is far from it. You will of course find all the wheeled luggage staples such as a telescoping handle, locking zippers, and a quick grab handle. What makes the Eagle Creek Cross Roads 25 is that it was built with the organizational traveler in mind. If you are a fan of the Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes, you’ll love this rolling backpack.

Inside the Eagle Creek Cross Roads 25 you will find multiple pockets designed for use with Eagle Creeks very own Pack-It Cubes and Packing Folders. Of course you could always use some ziplock bags, but then it wouldn’t look as pretty on the inside now would it?

In addition to the inside of the Eagle Creek Cross Roads 25, there are also plenty of spots for “stuff” on the outside. The front slip pocket makes for a nice place to store your boarding pass and the water bottle holders are perfect for, well, water. The main compartment also expands for an extra 25% more capacity.

Want to get to know the Eagle Creek Cross Roads 25 a little better?

Check out these specs:

• Super light wheeled convertible for airport rolling for train platform hoping
• Main compartment expands 2.5″ for an extra 25% capacity
• Zip away backpack suspension with moisture wicking Air Mesh, padded hip belt and sternum strap for comfort over the long haul
• Exterior 4-point compression to secure and stabilize the load
• Multiple pockets for full size Pack-It® Cubes, Folders and other travel necessities such as magazines
• Water is close at hand with side water bottle pockets
• Telescoping handle, locking zippers and soft quick-grab handles for luggage carousels
• Oversized off-road wheels provide a smooth, reliable ride over all terrains
• Reflective center strip for dusk or nighttime visibility

Interested in picking up a Eagle Creek Cross Roads 25 for your next trip? Check it out here:

REI: $230.00